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Boiled pork belly with fermented shrimps

My first “home cooked meal” in a restaurant is at Cục Gạch Restaurant in Saigon.

Boiled pork belly with fermented shrimp is one of my favorite meal Mom used to make. Eating this dish reminds me of living at home. The pork is sliced super thin and served with fresh vegetables and fermented whole shrimps The texture of the shrimps (with shells on) are soft and a little spongy (not something I especially like) but it has a nice salty, sweet and sour light pungent smell and taste.

The shrimps are pickled and fermented with julienned carrots. We usually get these premade in a jar and have never made it ourselves. I’ve never made this dish because the thought of eating that much pork by myself is not be too healthy and is frankly depressing.

So I intend on eating many meals like this on my visit to Vietnam this time because I get to share it with friends! Hoping to avoid any pork induced intestinal diseases at the same time!

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