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On a mission to visit Ophanages in Vietnam

I knew in my heart that my first trip back to Vietnam will not simply be a touristy trip. I wanted to make a difference and to help those in need. Here are some photos from my trip to visit 2 orphanages (I had plans to visit 4 orphanages, but due to my illness, I had to cancel the second part of the trip.) The hardest location was somewhere in the middle of no where in Vietnam where a gentle soul took in handicapped children, women and men. Despite the guaranteed hardship. He and his helpers are dedicated to assist them.

Can you see and feel the joy on his face? I think my heart broke into pieces that day and it will take years to ease the images that I saw. I debated whether or not to post these photos and decided that their stories must be told if they are to receive more help from us. Thank goodness, I was able to visit another orphanage in Saigon where healthy children lived. There…I found a string of hope in the world. This much I know…I know I have to make an impact in this life…guilt is wasted. Doing is what will change the world. To see more photos visit

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