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Nem Chua – Fermented Pork – tasty traditional Vietnamese dish

Nem Chua is fermented pork. It has a slight sour, sweet, salty, and peppery taste.

I remember being able to taste a few bites of this yummy dish. Usually served with fresh mints and herbs. Grandma and mom said because the pork is not cooked and only fermented that sometimes it can cause parasites in children. Yes…I had parasites as a child. My belly never grew big like the Ethiopian children’s photos you’ve seen. I was given pills on a regular basis to expel these creatures. Yes, I saw them leave my system. Ew…gross to me now, but fascinating to me as a kid. In America, we can definitely get Nem Chua.

I was told that they’re slightly steamed here in the US to ensure all parasites have no chance of survival, but can’t seem to confirm. If you know, it would be great if you’d post a comment so we can all have peace of mind.

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