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To celebrate achieving our funding goal for VietnamEazy’s Kicstarter Campaign – Bánh Flan – Flan Vie

I am so inspired and happy this Holiday Season to cook. In celebration of the success of VietnamEazy’s Kickstarter Campaign. We exceeded our funding goal of $4,000. Enjoy this Bánh Flan recipe.

Flan is a popular Vietnamese dessert. It was brought to Vietnam by the French during colonial times. We love this dish. I prefer it warm more than cold, but it is mostly served cold. Here’s my mom’s simple recipe. It’s so easy anyone can make it. I made a large batch for an upcoming Holiday I’m attending. My friend will be making Mexican Fajitas so I offered to make the Flan. Of course it has to be VietnamEazy style.



1 part water 1 part sugar

Melt sugar and water together over medium heat. Watch it carefully as soon as it browns remove it from heat and pour into ramekin quickly. Do not burn.


1 part eggs (To serve 6, 1 cup whole eggs)

2 parts egg yolks (1/2 cup egg yolks only, more egg yolks = thicker flan)

3 part milk (3 cups milk. I used 2% milk, you can use whole milk if you like)

sugar to taste (Keep adding sugar until it’s to your liking, that’s a lot!)

1-2 tsp vanilla optional add lemon/lime/orange zest for extra flavor

  • Mix eggs lightly and add vanilla. If desire, grate some lemon/orange/lime peel into the egg mixture for extra flavor.

  • Warm milk over medium heat, stir frequently. Do not let it get to hot.

  • Put a strainer over ramekin and pour milk/egg mixture into it. Strain the lumpy egg whites out to achieve a smooth texture.

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place ramekins in a water bath. Cook over slow heat to prevent holes from forming in the custard. About 40 minutes for small ramekins and 60 minutes for larger ones. After 35 minutes, place a toothpick in the center of flan and pull out. If it comes out clean, it’s ready, if it’s still wet, give it a few minutes. Do not overcook!

  • Cover flan loosely with foil to prevent dryness.

  • We did a taste test of the warm flan fresh out of the oven. Use a thin steak knife and run it around the ramekin to loosen. Place a plate on top then invert over a plate. Voila! Unbelievable!! The brown sauce is the melted caramel already inside the ramekin. Enjoy and let me know how VietnamEazy it is.

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