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Conflict is the Beginning of Consciousness…Sharing my thoughts on love.

The biggest challenge for me is to give love even when, I believe the person doesn’t deserve it. I’m not talking about any specific love, but about all love. Between family members, between lovers, and between friends. We are not always lovable, at times, we are downright mean and selfish. Yet in those moments we still expect our love ones to continue to love us. I did some research on this topic and stumbled upon this website. I think it provides the best logical explanation on how it works and the best way to overcome the “craziness” between lovers/spouses.

“Have you ever suspected your spouse of having two personalities — one that is caring and considerate and one that seems impossible to get along with? I’m sure you’ve not only noticed, but you’ve probably been horrified by the impossible one.” This sentence made me laugh because at times it seems so true. The art of negotiation seems to be the main theme to resolve relationship conflicts.

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