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Betrayal how does it make you feel?

Somewhere along the way I learned about betrayal…It does not come in the form of a any confined context. It often arises out of conflict and chaos.

I am sure our parents have warned us about it throughout our lives. They’ve warned us about the people who do it, and about circumstances which made them do it.

We have a saying, “If the needle doesn’t pierce the flesh, it doesn’t hurt.” Hearing of others’ pain can never give us a true sense of what it feels like until that pain resonates within our own source of suffering. Compassion towards others can develop, yet it can still only be skin deep.

“Your perspective on life comes from the cage you were held captive in.” I found this quote by Shannon Alder this morning as I peruse the internet searching for the answer. It allows me to shift my pain and suffering into compassion for the person who inflicted the wound upon my soul.

When life’s disappointments push me to the edge, I usually find my way back by seeking out mini specks of lights that exist within the darkness. I call them “loop holes.” Often time, they arise from my own resolves. Yet for the first time, my rescuers are outsiders. Their goodness left me squinting as they gently took my hands and guided my steps out of the darkness. I finally understand that life is less difficult when you walk with friends.

This morning, I just want to say, “Thank you.”

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