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VietnamEazy fried eggs

I prefer to fry my own eggs.

Going out for breakfast usually depresses me because I know my eggs won’t be made quite to my liking. I like having my fried eggs sunny side up with onions and a little drizzle of Maggi sauce or balsamic vinegar and fresh French Bread.

I like it cracked on really high heat at first then turned down later so the white has a little crunch around the edges, yet the rest does not get overcooked. I had these made to order at an omelette station this morning with tomatoes.

Sigh…again they were not well made. The egg whites were still raw around the yolks, and the rest of it was overcooked and chewy.

Sometimes, I secretly want to ask the cook to move aside so I can make my eggs myself. I’ll work up to it one day. I’m just too old to put up with bad eggs!

Top TV chefs are right, if one cannot even cook an egg properly, it’s just sad…

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