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My upcoming trip to Vietnam since 1984

I am excited to be visiting my place of birth for the first time since 1984.

I did not want my first trip to be just another touristy destination. I’ve always wanted to work at an orphanage to help children. I believe through them I can help influence a better future. As I formed this thought and created an image in my mind of how it will be in 2012, the universe helped propel me towards reaching that dream.

After numerous research on volunteer groups and discovering religious organizations, eh hem… . I was discouraged as none of them quite met my needs for a great adventure and to be of assistance. There was always a question of the legitimacy of these causes. But then, on a ‘Glamping’ trip to Bodega Bay, CA a ray of light appeared. I met a group of Vietnamese-American Professionals in the San Jose, CA area. I met some of the members who founded an organization called BeCause Vietnam in San Jose CA. These young people inspired me to do my volunteer work once more. So here I am with 3 huge suitcases full of various things for charity, family and friends. (Yes, I became my mother over night with the over-packing and gift galore) I am now ready for my great adventure and ready to serve.

Wish me luck! P.S. Of course Amazing Food is at the center of it all. Stay tuned!

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