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How Vietnamese families celebrate Thanksgiving in America

Yes, our family loves Thanksgiving too. In our family we love American turkey dinner trimmings, but never the turkey. No matter how Mom tried to make the turkey, it is inevitably too dry for our taste and hers.

No, it is not because of her lack of skills, but we simply do not like turkey! So we usually have a couple of roast chickens, or a huge prime rib, or even sometimes even racks of lamb.

Here’s what one of our meals would consist of some type of juicy roasted meat, yams and marshmallows which no one else eats more than one serving except for me. Mom always made killer VietnamEazy stuffing which changed every year depending on her mood. Roasted vegetables with Maggi sauce. We had simple salads with a light vinaigrette. For dessert, store bough pumpkin pie!

Desserts after meals are not essential in typical Vietnamese households. Have you notice? Most Asian restaurants don’t put a lot of thoughts into desserts?

So you see, no matter what you eat at your Thanksgiving dinner, it all comes down to family and friends and lots of food…Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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