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Does cracking an egg to discover double yolks inside make me special?

I decided to make 1 fried egg for breakfast as I’m about to go to Hawaii and trying to be somewhat good with my eating this week to get into that swimsuit. I chopped up some red onions and sauteed it in olive oil. Took out my organic, free roam chicken egg and cracked it!.

Woah!! There were 2 yolks inside. Large ones too!! I was so giddy inside as if I were 5 and wished someone was home so I could show it to them. It then occurred to me how life has meaning only when we have someone else to witness it with us. It’s like the “If a tree fell in the forest and no one hear/saw it, did it really happen?” or something like that. Well, for now you just have to take my word for it.

I enjoyed the fried egg with onions, a piece of French bread, strawberry jam, and some Maggi Sauce. It really happened and it made me happy because I felt special today. Thanks for being my witness.

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