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April 24, 2014

I went to the market to get something pre-made salad for dinner when I walked passed the seafood section and was instantly inspired by these beautiful lobster tails as they remind me of my mom.

Even when we were young and my parents struggled to raise four kids on a sho...

June 26, 2013

This dish is so quick you’ll be amazed. When I was little my mom thought I may not want to eat eel so she told me it was baby fishies cut up. It’s almost as good as her story about babies coming from armpits as the topic of sex was never brought up in my upbringing. I...

June 7, 2013

After work I had a sudden intense craving for our family’s favorite dish. Grandma used to make this and I remember we each got half a tomato stuffed with delicious pork, served with rice and some spicy chili in fish sauce.

Farci was probably brought to us by the French....